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Inquiry Form

We usually perform replies within three business days. When there is not the reply from us, there is the possibility that an email does not arrive. Very sorry for your inconvenience but please refer again.
When you have an inquiry, concerning arrangement, please contact us at least ten days before a use day.

Airport Taxi

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In our Mitsuya taxi group, we carry out the following actions about protection of the personal information such as the service contents of a full name, an address, the application of the visitor.
1. Mitsuya taxi group observes laws and ordinances about the personal information and other models and makes all possible measures for protection of the important personal information of the visitor.
2. Mitsuya taxi group performs the handling within the following purpose about the personal information of the visitor appropriately.
- Identification of the person himself such as applications
- To inform it of the confirmation of reservation contents, the change matter
- To offer our other services
We will act for protection of the personal information by the performing appropriate measures about the maintenance of a rule in the company and the office regime, the education of the employee and loss of injustice access and the personal information to personal information, destruction, manipulation and the leak prevention to deal with the personal information of the visitor appropriately, and we continue the review again, and planning it.
Mitsuya taxi group has a case to consign to duties trust point or the business partner to achieve the use purpose mentioned above about the personal information of the visitor.
In that case, we choose a company planned protection of the personal information enough, and makes a contract of the personal information protection and carries out necessary and appropriate measures.
In addition, when we are available based on laws and ordinances when there is a request of the disclosure from the public institutions such as court, the police engine, there is a thing providing it in the public institution concerned.